Autism is a very complex disorder. Children with autism struggle with taking another’s perspective, are over-stimulated by sensory input, find change difficult and struggle with creative play. All this results in anxiety. They may use strategies to cope such as ritualistic and self-stimulating behaviors. There is a huge range of ability, which is why it is referred to as the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The DIR Floortime approach encompasses my treatment philosophy, allowing the child to lead the interaction. It is a fun approach that invests the child in their success. The child learns communication is a two-way interaction, as the therapist makes sure each circle is completed.

I look at where the child is developmentally, individual responses to sensory input, and how relationships with others affect their learning. The Floortime technique enables me to build effective teaching relationships with autistic clients and to personalize therapy for each child.
Autistic children are visual learners and benefit from current video technology available with tablets and smart phones. I use videos of social interactions and play skills, teaching autistic clients how to act in real-life situations.
Autism is one of the most challenging disorders a family may face. I draw upon over twenty-five years of experience of working with children and enjoy unlocking their maximum potential.