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Dedicated to helping children reach their speech and language potential.

So much of life’s successes depend on clear communication skills. Over 25 years of training and experience provide me the tools to personalize therapy to the specific needs of your child. Below are some of the many ways I can help unlock your child’s future. Located in Highland, we serve the communities of North Utah County.

Do you live too far from Highland for weekly therapy, but still would like the advantage of experienced PROMPT or R therapy? Timpanogos Speech offers one or two weeks of intensive daily therapy for those who wish to travel to Highland. Call for details and to discuss scheduling.

Language Therapy

Language is sometimes described as a braid with six strands. Like a braid, each strand is intertwined with and affects the other strands.

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Apraxia, Speech
Disorders & "R"

If a child is unable to produce speech sounds which other children the same age say easily, they may have speech sound  (or articulation) disorder.

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It is scary when your child begins to stutter. The good news is with early intervention many children can completely overcome stuttering.

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Children with autism struggle with taking another’s perspective, find change difficult, are over-stimulated by sensory input and struggle with creative play.

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Reading comprehension is the mechanics of reading text and the ability to understand story structure. Speech pathologists can help with both.

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