Denise Stratton CCC-SLP, grew up in Idaho and graduated with her MS from Idaho State University in 1990. For the past 25 years she has worked in a variety of settings that serve children with communication disorders, including early intervention, public schools and private clinics. 

Apraxia and other motor speech disorders are one her many areas of expertise. Denise is trained in the PROMPT technique, which she believes offers her clients the optimum intervention. She also specializes in R treatment and has written a book describing her pioneering technique. Other areas of experience and interest are language and reading comprehension, narrative instruction (improving language through teaching children storytelling), autism and stuttering. 

Denise is passionate about maintaining the highest quality of treatment and has a talent for finding the particular “missing piece” of the puzzle that interferes with a child’s communication progress. She is thrilled to be serving the families of North Utah County. 

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