Unlocking Your Child's Future

PROMPT Therapy

PROMPT is a therapy technique for treating speech sound disorders. I am one of a few PROMPT trained therapists in Utah. PROMPT can be a powerful and highly effective technique.


The Stuttering Foundation of America has fantastic videos and other information for parents who want to know what to do when their child stutters. They also have videos for children who stutter by children who stutter. The resources this site offers are almost endless.


 ASHA is the acronym for American Speech and Hearing Association. Their site has a section for parents describing typical language development


 ASHA also has this section on developmental milestones
(what to expect in language development from birth to 5 years)

Developmental Milestones pdf

 Apraxia-kids has lots of information for families dealing with apraxia


 PROMPT has a family facebook site


Here’s a video of PROMPT therapy with a nonverbal child



Unlocking Your Child's Future

PROMPT Therapy

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