Unlocking Your Child's Future

PROMPT Therapy

PROMPT is a therapy technique for treating speech sound disorders. I am one of a few PROMPT trained therapists in Utah. PROMPT can be a powerful and highly effective technique.

Sounds Like Baby Talk

Children develop speech and language skills at variable speeds. Babies make vowel sounds and grunt and cry and make “mm” sounds as they eat. Between babyhood and around seven to eight years old, huge changes take place. In that time, children learn to say all sounds in the English language, if their development falls within […]

Building a Foundation for Language

Babies are amazing learners. In just a few short months, they can build the foundation of these language skills: 3-4 months: eye contact and mutual gazing. 6 months: smiling and reaching for what is offered. 9 months: infant looks intently at what he or she wants. 12 months: child requests by looking at desired object, […]

The Dyslexia Challenge

“No dyslexic child, I think we can say, need fail because of his dyslexia. With appropriate education, there is a way out. It is often long and slow, seldom spectacular in the beginning except for change of attitudes, but with the kind of education or re-education they need, the process is filled with hope and challenge, interest and deep satisfaction, and […]

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